January 7

Autistic Schoolgirl Brings Everyone to Tears Singing Biblical Version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

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I write with tears in my eyes, my heart torn between the girl's beautiful voice and the knowledge that it didn't have to happen to her and to the other students in the video from Killard House Special School for children with autism in Northern Ireland.

Kaylee Rogers was chosen to sing a special Biblical version of Leonard Cohen's classic for the school's festive shows. The alternative lyrics were written by the Christian rock band Cloverton.


Earth Paranoia tells us that Collin Millar, principal of Killard House Special School which educates children with learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, and autism, said, "Everyone who heard Kaylee sing was blown away by the power and tone of her voice." He also siad he believed she had a special gift which needed to be shared.

On Belfast Live, Mr. Millar commented, "Kaylee came to us in primary four and our music teacher, Lloyd Scates, who is a musician and has his own band, spotted her talent straight away.

"He got her to sing a few solos and she performed at the Easter Harvest concerts, which helped her confidence to grow. Keylee is a lovely child. She's very quiet and shy, but when she opens her mouth to sing, something wonderful happens.

“She may only be a child but she has an amazing tone to her voice and when I heard her sing Hallelujah, I can honestly say the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I had tears in my eyes.

“I believe she has a very special gift which needs to be heard. Her voice is a complete joy.”

The BBC reports that the video, filmed by Billy McAuley, was uploaded to Facebook and YouTube, and reported in the local press.

It has since been shared and viewed over three million times on Facebook alone, and the school has taken calls from people in Australia, America and Japan who have all seen the video.

Mr. Millar says that he hopes the Donaghadee girl will go on to receive the right training to help her fulfil her potential as a performer.

“I’ve spoken to Kaylee’s mum and she’s keen to organise vocal coaching for her,” he said. “Kaylee has a special talent that needs to be harnessed and nurtured.

“She has the voice of an angel and I believe she could go very far.”

He also commented that the was proud of all the children involved.

And according to Mr. Millar, “The whole production of Hallelujah is really beautiful and it’s just brilliant that these children, many of whom have learning difficulties and other issues, are bringing joy to other people with their singing.”

What a wonderful, beautiful, priceless gift Kaylee has been to so many people. You can go to her site here:


And if you would like to help with her GoFundMe page, you can find it here:


In closing...

I'd like to mention something that hurts the very fabric of my soul, and that is that these children didn't have to have these learning difficulties. They didn't have to have difficulting speaking, or standing still, or any of this.

What we are seeing today is the "new normal" but there is nothing normal about these children. They are all speical, but it didn't have to happen.

We don't have to damage our children. They don't have to suffer.

When will we wake up and stop the madness of vaccines and all the other toxic chemicals we slather on our skin and eat and breath.

My prayer is that we start doing things differently. Let's get different results by changing what we are doing to our children, our food, our one and only world.

Our children deserve better. We owe it to them and future generations.

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