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Newlywed Died of Sepsis after Flu Shot

Discover how to prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones.

Newlywed died of sepsis after flu shot

You'll find essential information in this article about the flu, flu-like symptoms (influenza-like illness or ILI), sepsis after a flu shot, and an effective treatment for sepsis that could save your life.

It's difficult to make sense of how a happy, healthy newlywed could die of the flu in only five days. Maybe she didn't. Maybe she died of what is called SIRS or systemic inflammatory response syndrome, a medical condition very similar to sepsis but without the necessary infectious element.

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Autistic Schoolgirl Brings Everyone to Tears Singing Biblical Version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

I write with tears in my eyes, my heart torn between the girl's beautiful voice and the knowledge that it didn't have to happen to her and to the other students in the video from Killard House Special School for children with autism in Northern Ireland.

Kaylee Rogers was chosen to sing a special Biblical version of Leonard Cohen's classic for the school's festive shows. The alternative lyrics were written by the Christian rock band Cloverton.

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