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Homeopathy’s Natural Dengue Treatment Can Help Treat and Prevent Dengue Fever

Dengue, Homeopathy


The only natural dengue treatment really able to prevent and cure this horrible disease is treatment with homeopathy.

Contributed by Profesor Dr. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux
CRM-RJ 52.33019-0
President of the Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil

Everyone can benefit from this therapy:

  • elderly
  • diabetic patients
  • infants and babies
  • pregnant women
  • in short the entire population.

It's an inexpensive treatment without any side effects, effective and simple. For this reason it has been discredited by many, but praised by thousands because it has healed them or because they did not lose their loved ones from this horrible disease.


What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy suffers many prejudices today, and it is common to hear people say "I don't believe in it". But it's not because of sympathy nor is it a religion to believe in or stop believing in.

  • In Brazil, there are over 30,000 homeopathic doctors. A large number of pediatricians prescribe homeopathic remedies for their patients.
  • In 1977, homeopathy was recognized in Brazil as a pharmaceutical specialty.
  • In 1980, homeopathy became a medical specialty recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine in Brazil.
  • The Brazilian Constitution of 1988 officially recognized homeopathy in the SUS (Systema Unica de Saude), which stipulates the obligation to have a homeopathic physician in each health care facility.
  • In 2006, the Ministry of Health published the National Policy on Integrative and Complementary Practices in SUS, making homeopathy an official part of a national healthcare policy, recognized and necessary to the population, which has the right to have access to it within the public system of Brazilian healthcare.

Dengue in Brazil

Brazil is beating the world record for dengue, not only for the immense size of its territory but also for its climate and large population, except for Indonesia which has a population similar to ours. This year 2015, the epidemic has reached 600 municipalities in the state of São Paulo alone.

Here in Rio, the epidemic has manifested in full force in April, due to the strike by garbage collectors (garbage and debris accumulation) and heavy rains the past few days, two factors combined bring back the ghost of this disease.

The Rio de Janeiro is a state favorable to this epidemic, especially in the cities adjacent to the capital. The large concentration of people, the lack of proper garbage collection, the sloppiness of the population and municipal governments, climate, forests etc, provide the fuel for this epidemic..

The dengue mosquito

The mosquito is well adapted to the urban environment: It reproduces not only in stagnant water but also in sewers and gutters, etc., as well as it's become resistant to many insecticides.

Only the female mosquito bites. It's sexually mature in 10 days and lives for about 40 days. It can fly up to 2 kilometers (about 3 miles). In the oogenesis period is extremely voracious, biting several people in the same house and thus infecting the residents and neighbors.

The eggs laid in water hatch into larvae that are already infected if the mother was infected. If the water dries up where the eggs were laid, they can wiat for up to two years until the water level rises and the larvae will then hatch. Hence the importance of washing the plant saucers being sure to brush the saucers with soap and water to clear out the eggs.

The destruction of forests and natural predators such as frogs, lizards and wasps also contribute to their proliferation. So the destruction of the environment is also our destruction.

The most vulnerable people

The most vulnerable to the disease are young people up to 15 years old, women, the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases. Young people are vulnerable because they have not had contact with type 3 and 4 of the virus. There are four types of the viruse that have been coming gradually into Brazil. All of them are virulent, but each has 3 or 4 variations in their DNA in a way which makes them more or less virulent.

Many people contract dengue fever and feel nothing but turn into carriers. When a mosquito bites them these mosquitos become carriers of the disease. Once a person gets infected they become immune to the same type of dengue but not the other ones. A person who contractes the disease should continue to use the homeopathic prevention remedies. Start taking the remedies when the first cases start to appear and end the preventitive treatment in May because April is usually the peak of the epidemic.[Note from the editor: These dates refer to the southern hemisphere. In the North, it would depend on when the dengue season begins and ends. Just ask the local health officals and they can inform you of the details of the epidemic in your part of the world.]

The protocol for Dengue

The protocol that I drew up, the whole procedure is fully explained. You can also ask for more details at the following email for the Hahnemanniano Institute of Brazil:

This way, you can share this information with others by email.

[Editor's note: See the protocol at the bottom of this article.]

Symptoms of dengue fever and blood test

The illness usually lasts seven days and quickly begins with the following symptoms:

  • fever
  • intense chills
  • joint pain
  • retro-orbital eye pain
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • rash with or without itching
  • petechiae (purple spots in the body)
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision

If the person has two of these symptoms and it's during a time of a dengue epidemic, you should considered the person suspect and seek a medical facility for evaluation and blood test to measure among other factors, the platelet count which is typically 150 thousand to 450 thousand in the adult and up to 500 thousand in the child. The platelets are responsible for blood clotting. Serology for dengue should be requested five days after the end of fever otherwise the test will not be accurate.

Often a person has dengue and the test is negative and should be repeated 10 days after the onset of disease when it is most likely to show an accurate result. After two weeks it is undetectable.

The hemorrhagic form

The danger of bleeding from hemorragic dengue manifests itself usually on the fourth day. The hemorrhaging can be seen externally from:

  • nose
  • gums
  • in the urine
  • uterus
  • gut

or internal symptoms

  • with blood extravasation into the abdominal cavity
  • fainting
  • violent drop in blood pressure
  • shock
  • death This form escalates very quickly and is extremely dangerous.

This form escalates very quickly and is extremely dangerous.

Important Notice about Tylenol and aspirin

When a person is bitten, the virus penetrates the skin and enters the lymph nodes then moves to the internal organs such as the spleen, heart and especially the liver, producing a type of hepatitis.

​You should avoid the substance acetaminophen (Tylenol) and any other medications that contain it, as when taken in recommended therapeutic doses, they are toxic to the liver, further damaging the liver and can result in fulminant hepatic failure and death.

Also avoid aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) because it prevents platelet aggregation increasing the risk of hemorrhaging.

Dengue fever is a systemic disease that attacks the whole body. Allopathic care is extremely important in these cases, such as intravenous hydration and blood pressure control and blood platelet levels, sometimes being taken every two hours.

Homeopathy is able to prevent dengue

Homeopathy is the only medical treatment with the means capable of preventing this disease. This type of prevention has been clinically proven for over 16 years of use and has been used to successfully treat cases that seemed hopeless in hospitalized patients being given all possible conventional medical care.

Homeopathy is not a vaccine.

The two formulas for prevention and treatment of Dengue are prepared from plant, mineral and animal kingdom sources. They are designed to raise specific immunity against this disease.

Despite the strong opposition by its detractors, Homeopathy makes the body react surprisingly quickly. The facts are the facts, and clinical experience is sovereign, as I and many of my colleagues have proven for years.

But in no way should you not go to the health clinic or hospital to do blood tests and check blood count etc, if only because the cases should be reported to the Health Department for accurate record keeping.

These homeopathic protocols were prepared by me,  and to be successful, they must be taken as recommend. Because this formula is in the public domain, It can be formulated at any homeopathic pharmacy. To be perfectly clear, these formulas are made based on my personal experience as a homeopath. Homeopathic prevention is effective and should be started as soon as possible.

Do not forget to check at home your plant vases, roof gutters and other places where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. Prevention begins at home and extends to the community.

All the best for everyone, health and peace.

Profa. Dra. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux
CRM-RJ 52.33019-0
Professor Adjunto e Livre Docente de Clínica Homeopática da UNIRIO
Presidente do Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil / /

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